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Hackathons have been happening in the computer science world for years, but it’s only recently that they are becoming more popular with people who aren’t major tech devotees! Hello Bezlo love love love being inspired by Hackathons and the amazing ideas they produce, and we want to show you why your daughter should try one out!

Founder Clodagh at Coder Girl Hack Day on EU Code Week

 So.. What exactly is a Hackathon?

A Hackathon is a very cool community event where all sorts of creatives get together and work collaboratively to create a fully-functioning app, computer software idea or a piece of hardware. The event is usually set to a timeframe of 24 or 48 hours. Hackathons are attended by computer programmers, engineers, marketers, web designers and many more!

By bringing people together who love STEM, the event is a wonderful bubble of inspiring ideas and new skills being shared. Hackers meeting for the first time but who all share the passion to think outside the box to solve problems and create something amazing. Sometimes these ideas go on to develop into a real company or initiative.

Most local Hackathons also have fun and educational workshops to teach people about coding, and other exciting projects for kids and adults of all ages.

Is it suitable for girls who are tech novices?

Absolutely! Even if you don’t know the first thing about coding but are curious and willing to learn new things, then Hackathons are perfect for you. You don’t have to join a team working on a tech project, you can just enjoy participating in the workshops, some of which may be animating your own music video or designing a light up dress!


Web Development workshop at Coder Girl Hack Day .

How does a Hackathon empower girls?

There are so many girl friendly Hackathons happening lately, and it is so inspiring to see! A whole day devoted to including girls in STEM and having fun with their fellow tech loving peers? Hello Bezlo can’t think of many events more empowering than that!

Girls gain huge confidence from seeing other girls of all ages passionate about STEM, and Hackathons are great places for your daughter to meet inspiring female role models. Girls learn to work in a team, discover new skills and basically just enjoy a celebration of all the cool things that women can do in tech!


Brainstorming at Coder Girl Hack Day 2016

What kind of projects are there to work on?

Some Hackathons have certain themes, such as fashion tech or sustainability, but for many of them you can decide yourself what project you want to develop. Some amazing projects that have been developed at previous Hackathons are Al-Timer, a device designed to help you remember items commonly forgotten, such as keys or your phone, or Mirror Catalog which is a virtual changing room on your screen.


Founder Clodagh took Hello Bezlo to win first place at Techstars Startup Weekend Hackathon

Workshops vary from HTML tutorials, to learning how to code and seminars based on marketing and social media!

Where do I find my local Hackathon event?

There are so many groups organising Hackathons around the world! If you’re based in the US, we love Black Girls Code and Girl Hackathon. Worldwide groups such as Girls in Tech are awesome, and we had such a blast at Code Week EU, which had amazing events planned for kids of all ages in October 2016. Stay tuned to learn more about the event we took part in called Coder Girl Hack Day

Happy coding Bezlo girls!


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