Hello Bezlo has had a super exciting path from it’s original idea to launch, and we have loved sharing all of our Start Up news with you. Check out this section for news on our accelerator programmes, start up competitions and more!


Hackathon Magic

Hackathons have been happening in the computer science world for years, but it’s only recently that they are becoming more popular with people who aren’t major tech devotees! Hello Bezlo love love love being inspired by Hackathons and the amazing ideas they produce, and we want to show you why your daughter should try one out!

Founder Clodagh at Coder Girl Hack Day on EU Code Week

 So.. What exactly is a Hackathon?

A Hackathon is a very cool community event where all sorts of creatives get together and work collaboratively to create a fully-functioning app, computer software idea or a piece of hardware. The event is usually set to a timeframe of 24 or 48 hours. Hackathons are attended by computer programmers, engineers, marketers, web designers and many more!

By bringing people together who love STEM, the event is a wonderful bubble of inspiring ideas and new skills being shared. Hackers meeting for the first time but who all share the passion to think outside the box to solve problems and create something amazing. Sometimes these ideas go on to develop into a real company or initiative.

Most local Hackathons also have fun and educational workshops to teach people about coding, and other exciting projects for kids and adults of all ages.

Is it suitable for girls who are tech novices?

Absolutely! Even if you don’t know the first thing about coding but are curious and willing to learn new things, then Hackathons are perfect for you. You don’t have to join a team working on a tech project, you can just enjoy participating in the workshops, some of which may be animating your own music video or designing a light up dress!


Web Development workshop at Coder Girl Hack Day .

How does a Hackathon empower girls?

There are so many girl friendly Hackathons happening lately, and it is so inspiring to see! A whole day devoted to including girls in STEM and having fun with their fellow tech loving peers? Hello Bezlo can’t think of many events more empowering than that!

Girls gain huge confidence from seeing other girls of all ages passionate about STEM, and Hackathons are great places for your daughter to meet inspiring female role models. Girls learn to work in a team, discover new skills and basically just enjoy a celebration of all the cool things that women can do in tech!


Brainstorming at Coder Girl Hack Day 2016

What kind of projects are there to work on?

Some Hackathons have certain themes, such as fashion tech or sustainability, but for many of them you can decide yourself what project you want to develop. Some amazing projects that have been developed at previous Hackathons are Al-Timer, a device designed to help you remember items commonly forgotten, such as keys or your phone, or Mirror Catalog which is a virtual changing room on your screen.


Founder Clodagh took Hello Bezlo to win first place at Techstars Startup Weekend Hackathon

Workshops vary from HTML tutorials, to learning how to code and seminars based on marketing and social media!

Where do I find my local Hackathon event?

There are so many groups organising Hackathons around the world! If you’re based in the US, we love Black Girls Code and Girl Hackathon. Worldwide groups such as Girls in Tech are awesome, and we had such a blast at Code Week EU, which had amazing events planned for kids of all ages in October 2016. Stay tuned to learn more about the event we took part in called Coder Girl Hack Day

Happy coding Bezlo girls!


Challenge Accepted

Hello Bezlo Girls.

We have lots of behind the scenes news we would love to share with you. Many of you have expressed interest in how we are creating Hello Bezlo and we are more than happy to share our startup journey with you!

Our mission : We want to create a lifestyle brand that empowers, inspires and educates. We aim to enhance Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths for girls. #STEM


We are at an early stage, making such great progress and most importantly connecting with our community! We are learning how to turn our big bold ideas into reality! We are having lots of fun along the way meeting the most inspiring people.

Bezlo News No.1

The Techstars StartupNext powered by Google – No.1 Global Pre-Accelerator.


We applied for a Pre-Accelerator course called StartupNext. A big application form, video pitch and Skype call later we made the cut! Out of 68 Irish startups we were among the final 8 that were selected to take part. It is an awesome opportunity for us to grow, be challenged and learn from the Techstars family. Taking place in Google, here we perfect our pitch, receive one to one mentoring and feedback all to make us investor ready in 6 weeks. We are currently in week 3 and loving it!


Pitching Hello Bezlo at Google

Bezlo News No.2

NASA Space Apps Challenge -One of the world’s largest international annual hackathons


A hackathon? NASA?? As in NASA space?!

I think its safe to say we are fascinated with all things space related! There is something magical about space and the learning behind it. So what is a hackathon and how did we find ourselves taking part?

A hackathon is an event that brings together a group of people with different skill sets who feel passionately about solving a certain problem. This year NASA held their annual global hackathon event across 44 cities. It was Dublins first time to join in and take part…an opportunity we could not pass on.

Although personally, I am not a computer engineer, scientist or  work in aerospace…I am creative and love brainstorming and collaborating with people to bring ideas to life. Present a solution to NASA in just 48 hours ! Challenge accepted :)

Taking part wasn’t directly related to Hello Bezlo. We do have one very awesome rocket girl dress but this was more about learning more about NASA and figuring out a solution to make life a bit easier for our Astronauts!

I pitched my idea and my team and I got through to the second round! Onto the next phase of the competition which I am over the MOON about ?

And the prize?  A VIP trip to Kennedy Space center to watch a live rocket launch!! Fingers crossed. We even made the news! Check us out on Silicon Republic

Bezlo News No.3

CoderDojo Key note speaker at Coolest Projects


Since January I have become a CoderDojo mentor at the DCU girls group. I am honored to be asked to speak at this years Coolest Projects- the largest kids coding awards in the world!

I am a classic example of a girl who growing up missed out on the wonderful world of computer science. Hello Bezlo aims to redesign how Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths are perceived by young girls. Its so inspiring to see girls in this group as young as 7 be so engaged in computers science. It amazes me how just a little nudge in the right direction can make a massive impact for a girl to go on to have an amazing career in STEM.

Coolest Projects takes place on the 18th of June in Dublin and it really is an event not to be missed! Click here to get your free ticket.

**** NO REPRODUCTION FEE *** DUBLIN : 14/06/2015 : Pictured at the The CoderDojo Coolest Projects Awards at the RDS main hall, Dublin was Lightron the Robot with CoderDojo participants . The CoderDojo Coolest Projects Awards, the largest kids coding awards in the world, saw more than 500 coding Ninjas from across Ireland and Europe converge in the RDS. The event was supported this year by UPC, Intel, the Salesforce Foundation, Microsoft, Zendesk and AIB. For more information about the CoderDojo Coolest Projects Awards, please visit www.coolestprojects.org. Picture Conor McCabe Photography. MEDIA CONTACT : Pete O'Shea, Communications and Events Associate for the CoderDojo email pete@coderdojo.org

Say hello to Lightron the Robot, pictured here at The CoderDojo Coolest Projects Awards last year. Picture Conor McCabe Photography.

Hope our Bezlo News update has given you a little insight in the adventures we are up to!

Thanks so much for reading, as always we would love to hear from you. You can comment below or email me : [email protected]


Clodagh x

Nothing ventured, Nothing gained – our Kickstarter Story

Our month on Kickstarter has come to an end, and what a month it has been! Although we did not reach our target goal (we raised €8,958). Boy, are we glad we took part.


Kickstarter has proven to be hugely valuable for Hello Bezlo. Initially, I thought Kickstarter would be a great opportunity to crowdfund for our production costs, but what I hadn’t realised was the power of Kickstarter itself – without the funding. Since joining on the 27th of October, we’ve accomplished some big achievements which would not have been possible without Kickstarter.

  • Day 1 of our campaign kicked off in London. We held our first launch party where we showcased our capsule collection and introduced what being a Bezlo Girl is all about! We invited the top kids fashion experts and bloggers of London and were blown away with their positive feedback. It was a fantastic day, the Bezlo World was created!12145376_876962139065710_640346570_n
  • Next stop was back in Dublin at the Web Summit. Having made some noise in London, we were invited and given a media pass to the Web Summit- such an honour! The buzz and electric atmosphere of the 4 day conference was incredible. We mixed with some of the most influential tech entrepreneurs, investors and mentors in the world. The Hello Bezlo story got told hundreds of times to eager ears! Highlights include meeting Dr Sue Black, the Fashion Summit and hearing the inspiring story of Instagram by co founder Mike Krieger.11378898_822286114548360_1209628716_n
  • Competition time. Post-web summit, on a Friday evening I stumbled across a Startup competition on Twitter. It’s funny when you are live on Kickstarter it gives you that extra push. We weren’t on kickstarter just for fun. We were there to make sure your business gets every little help it can. So I jumped at the chance of entering Startup Weekend. Here I pitched my idea to merge fashion and technology together for kids. Given just 54 hours to form a team, develop and design my app it was a fun but intense 54 hours! I pitched my idea in front of a panel of judges and I won! And so Hello Coder was born!


  • Dublin Launch. On a high from winning Startup Weekend (My first competition win) my new team member Carlos and I went straight to work! I organized a Dublin Launch and used this opportunity to test our app.  Here we collaborated with the awesome Coder Dojo once again. Introducing girls to the world of technology in a fresh and unique way!


  • Another highlight of our month was receiving wonderful emails of support from people all over the world and from all walks of life. Hello Bezlo is getting a global thumbs up now, being featured in international publications for example Third Wave Fashion in New York! And we have exciting new collaborations to announce very soon!

What’s  next?

Future’s looking bright for Hello Bezlo and we are feeling more inspired than ever. We are already working on more designs to build our collection and will be going into production early 2016.

Hello is also taking off with a team of 7 people behind it! There’s so much passion and energy to make Hello Bezlo and Hello Coder a big success! We are so excited!

Thank you all so much for all your support, encouragement and well wishes! The last crazy 4 weeks would not have been possible without the Bezlo spirit – fearless, positive and empowered.



Clodagh x

Hello Bezlo Dublin Launch Party

This Saturday, yes this Saturday the 21st of November Hello Bezlo will be holding a special launch party here in Dublin. Following the big success of our London launch party earlier this month, we are bringing together the world of Fashion and Technology together again…Bezlo Style.

We invite you to join us and take part in a day of sparkles, fashion and tech.

We are so lucky to be collaborating with Coder Dojo and hosted by Zalando HQ to make this day possible.

The party kicks off at 12pm, Zalando have the coolest office warehouse space we have seen! Its such a creative and fun space. Come join the fun, see Hello Bezlo first collection, learn how to code and be the first to test our new app- Hello

The Sample Collection. Browse our first collection of dresses, tutus and capes. Our designs are inspired by spaceTouch the beautiful the fabric, see the detail of our prints and vibrancy of the colours and see how the cuts we have chosen are perfect for the Bezlo girl to run free, climb a tree and host a tea party all with comfort, movement and style.


Hello Bezlo Collection

The Design Corner. Fashion designer, Nicola will be showing how the design process works from colour selection, designs and patterns. We invite Bezlo girls to start designing with us. Brainstorming with and including Bezlo Girls in the design process is what makes our brand so special.


Learn to Code! Girl code. We commend the great work Coder Dojo do teaching kids the importance of technology. We are delighted to collaborate with Coder Dojo again and Bezlo Girls can join in on the fun at weekly workshop held at Zalando.


Coder Ciara Whelan

Hello . Hello Bezlo had a very busy weekend, where Clodagh pitched an idea at Startup Weekend. The aim  to bring fashion and technology together to inspire girls to code! Clodagh won the competition and together with developer Carlos are showcasing their prototype app, Hello . We will be showing a demo of how it works. We want to get Bezlo Girls seal of approval. Be the first to test our new and exciting technology, be part of the creative process and hear our big plans! We wanted to create something that allows girls who love fashion to design through code! Fashion and technology are both very creative fields and we want girls to know they can be mini fashionistas and rocket scientist too.

We hope to see you there! RSVP to [email protected]


Be part of the Bezlo movement

Have you heard of Kickstarter? You probably have but it’s a new concept to a lot of people. It’s an American crowd funding platform that allows early stage projects to come to life.

It takes a certain type of business to take the plunge. Hello Bezlo is one of them: fearless, ambitious and with buckets full of drive.

The idea is: Our followers can get exclusive early access by pledging towards a product and, if we reach our goal, we’ll have enough funds to begin production.

Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing. No one will be charged for a pledge towards a project unless it reaches its funding goal. This way, Hello Bezlo will always have the budget they scoped out before moving forward.

Setting up a business always comes with risks and unexpected turns. Coming from my nursing background without having business experience,  I have worked hard developing my idea and testing whether people loved it as much as I did. I’ve been blown away by the support of Instagram parents from around the world.

We are following in the great footsteps of Princess Awesome who successfully funded their project by $215,691. They broke Kickstarter history! Kickstarter has become part of the American culture and has grown massively since 2009. Ireland has only been eligible to join Kickstarter since September and I am proud to be in the running to be the first Irish female founder to raise money on Kickstarter. I want to show others if you have a great idea but minimal funds to kickstart your idea into a real business…crowd funding is here to help! It’s changing the game of start ups and it’s time Ireland got involved!

Help & Back Hello Bezlo!

From the beginning I’ve been very open and transparent with my followers and they have been with me very step of the way. I’ve formed groups of inspiring Moms that have helped shape Hello Bezlo to what it is today! Collaborating and supporting other women is what makes Hello Bezlo so special.

How to back…..easy peasy!

Click here to view our campaign….watch our video and check out our rewards.

Here are our rewards to choose from:

Hello Bezlo Wall of Honour Feature €5

Hello Bezlo Thank you card ‎€15

Hello Bezlo Adventure tote bag ‎€25

Hello Bezlo Dress ‎€50

Hello Bezlo Dress with Cape ‎€80

Hello Bezlo Dress in time for Christmas ‎€120

Hello Bezlo FULL wardrobe ‎€200


Rocket Girl & Girl Code

Sign Up Backers!!

Backers who support a project on Kickstarter get an inside look at the creative process and help the project come to life.

Backing a project is more than just pledging funds to a creator. It’s pledging your support to a creative idea that you want to see exist in the world.

Hello Bezlo has been on kickstarter for one week but it hasn’t quite received the level of love it should -yet. Kickstarter is a new concept, it is a risk for Hello Bezlo but it has been my instinct to go on this form of raising funds to bring our creations to life. I fully believe in Hello Bezlo and its big potential.

If we can reach our target of €15,000 we can fully go into production using ethical standards and using the best natural cotton fabric. Not only that but Hello Bezlo grow into something big!

I’ve been inspired by other businesses ideas who’ve blast off on kickstarter and go on to reach their goals. Hello Bezlo has got what it takes to do the same.

€15k…why €15k?

I’ve done a lot of research into the manufacturing process and starting a fashion brand. I was first advised to go overseas and get clothes made cheap and fast. I watched the netflix documentary the True Cost and was I was so moved! It left a lasting impression on me. From that point on it was clear Hello Bezlo was going to be 100% ethical in every shape and form. Going ethical is more expensive but fast fashion has got to end. It is difficult but I did not want Hello Bezlo to play any part in fast fashion.


Hello Bezlo Ethical

Kickstarter is here to allow Hello Bezlo to stay ethical, not harming the environment and maintaining high working standards.

Ready to go…

We have sourced a reputable Turkish manufacturer, operating to high ethical standards. When we reach our target we can start production! Our fabric is soft and organic, ready to be printed with our edgy and unique designs.


Hello Bezlo binary code design

Only 18 days to go! Click back this project and Be part of the Bezlo movement … Help us make this dream a reality!

Back us on Kickstarter:

Love Team Bezlo x

Hello Bezlo Launch Day

Hello Bezlo Dreamers!

This week was an exciting week for Hello Bezlo! We launched in London, showcasing our sample collection and then we launched on the American crowd funding platform Kickstarter!

Our launch was a big success! As promised we created a Bezlo world for our Bezlo girls! We collaborated with an amazing team of talented and inspiring women to make this day truly magical.

Coder Dojo London arrived and set up a coding and technology workshop, teaching Bezlo girls (and Bezlo boys) the importance of coding and technology.  We had such a fun and creative environment where we played games such as the makey makey teddy coder bear…our coding station was a big hit! Even Bezlo Moms joined in on the fun too. Coder Dojo mentor Su Adams was fantastic. We love merging fashion and technology together! Some of our designs are technology inspired for example our popular “girl code” dress is designed in binary code. It spells out Hello Bezlo in binary code….how awesome!


Clodagh and Coder Dojo mentor Su Adams


Bezlo Girl Evie, our IPAD winner!


Learning how to code

Next stop was our design station! We wanted to include our bezlo girls in our design process, brainstorming for our collection and listening to their creative ideas. We strongly believe in engaging and listening to help bring forward designs that are truly special. I have learnt a lot about how clothes are manufactured and the process from idea to product, I wanted to share this and explain how I came to understand the importance of ethical fashion.


Fashion brainstorming



A lot of our followers are from all over the world, so to let them join in on the party fun we had we were live streaming on Periscope and Snapchat!

We premiered the Hello Bezlo Kickstarter video for our guests to see. Our launch had a big focus on our kickstarter. The idea behind our kickstarter video is to allow people to pre purchase our products and show their Bezlo support! Check out our link here

Our day would not be the same without our amazing sponsors who really believe in our brand!

The Jelly Rabbit Our stylish decorations.

Jools drinks Our yummy fruity refreshments.

Storme Sabine Our talented kids fashion photographer.

The Kaleidoscope Girls Our face painters and hair braiders

And a BIG thank you to Alegre Media who came on board with just a week before launch to help make our launch day a success!

This launch party is about demonstrating our style and the magic that make our designs unique. Although we are at an early stage of our brand, we know this is the right path for us and we are making our dreams become a reality. Bezlo girls know that sometimes rules are made to be broken. Take a walk on the wild side!



With such awesome feedback from our designs and brand ethos we are so hopeful that our Kickstarter campaign will get funded and Hello Bezlo can make it big!

Launch Party! You’re invited!

Fiesta, Fiesta! Party prep. is in full swing…

Launch Day: Tuesday, 27th October 2015

Time: 10am to 6pm

The Venue:Wells Street. We have a WOW venue in London’s West End. Seriously, Hello Bezlo is so lucky to have found this contemporary, shop-front venue! It’s a blank canvas to work with and we have free rein to decorate it Bezlo style. We will create a Bezlo World for our Bezlo Girls.


A peep at our launch venue

The event will incorporate 3 of our favourite things: nature, sparkles and learning. This is our chance to shine and introduce Hello Bezlo to the world as we launch and blast off!

We will showcase our sample collection which includes our bespoke patterns such as “rocket girl”, “girl code” and “dreamer”. We can’t wait for you to preview our designs.

The Hello Bezlo Kickstarter Video

We will also be screening our Kickstarter video. Be there to watch it go live at 1pm.

Visit the Bezlo World

The venue will be set into 6 spaces for you to visit.

No. 1.The Sample Collection. Browse our first collection of dresses, tutus and capes. Touch the beautiful the fabric, see the detail of our prints and vibrancy of the colours and see how the cuts we have chosen are perfect for the Bezlo girl to run free, climb a tree and host a tea party all with comfort, movement and style.

No. 2. The Design Corner. Our Italian fashion designer, Elisa, will be showing how the design process works from colour selection, designs and patterns. We invite Bezlo girls to start designing with us. Brainstorming with and including Bezlo girls in the design process is what makes our brand so special.

No. 3. Learn to Code! Girl code.We commend the great work Coder Dojo do teaching kids the importance of technology. We are delighted to announce Coder Dojo are on board and will be providing a coding workshop for Bezlo girls to take part in.

No. 4. Kick Start the Kickstarter. Be the first to view our kickstarter video and watch it go live at 1 pm. Join the crowd funders and be part of bringing Hello Bezlo to the world. Sign up for kickstarter. We will have iPads on hand to make it super quick and easy.

No. 5. The Dream Tree. Team Bezlo will be bringing nature to the city! We are decorating our dream tree with leaves that sparkle. Bezlo girls can write their dreams and add them to the dream tree to create a magical art installation.

Under the dream tree we’ll show you how to create a boho-inspired, floral Hello Bezlo headband.

But wait there’s more!

No. 6. Sparkle Face Paint. Don’t leave the party without a sparkle. Shine bright and pose for our hello bezlo photo.

You’re Invitation! Be part of the magic!

We’d love to see our followers at the launch. Arrive anytime from 10 am, join in our fashion design station, coding workshop (run by Coder Dojo!), and make a wish on our dream tree….skip home by 6pm with sparkles and flowers in your hair!

If you can’t make it in person…

You can join in the fun with our live streaming on snap chat and periscope! We’ve got it covered.

Check out our exciting Pinterest board with all our board ideas!

RSVP: [email protected]

This launch party is about demonstrating our style and the magic that make our designs unique. Although we are at an early stage of our brand, we know this is the right path for us and we are making our dreams a reality. Bezlo girls know that sometimes rules are made to be broken. Take a walk on the wild side!

We are delighted to announce our sponsors:

Coder Dojo

Jools Drinks

The Jelly Rabbit

The Kaleidoscope Girls – Instagram

Not too sure what kickstarter is? …..click here to find out more.

With just little over a week to go, we are so excited! Please feel free to share this event with your friends.Click Share.


Team Bezlo x

RSVP: [email protected]

Lights, Camera, Action!

Bezlo Girls, we have news and it’s BIG! We are launching a Kickstarter campaign! The Kickstarter will help with the Hello Bezlo creation process and launch this awesome idea. Allowing us to reach out to all Bezlo Girls around the world. Here’s how it works.

  1. We are shooting a Hello Bezlo intro video, where we talk about the Bezlo girl, who she is -what she stands for and the struggle she faces finding clothes to match her unique and creative character. We talk about our collection, showing you all our designs and pieces. And finally, how we aim to solve the fashion problem that many girls face.
  2. When you back our project, you’ll receive some amazing rewards. Our backers are hugely important and they form an exclusive backers club. Our supporters mean so much to us and we want to show our appreciation for following us on this journey.
  3. Our Kickstarter goal is to raise much needed funds to put Hello Bezlo into production. Kickstarter allows us to go into production ethically, fairly, and stay environmentally conscious. Sourcing the right manufacturer has been one of our major boundaries in the start up process. We aren’t trying to cut corners and develop anything less than the best quality clothing for our Bezlo Girls. We want our clothes made with love, care and attention. With your help we can do this!

We have been dreaming big from day one and we know there are Bezlo girls eagerly waiting our launch. With our Kickstarter campaign we can turn our dreams into a reality!

To launch this “project within a project”, we are showcasing our sample collection and Kickstarter video at an amazing venue in London! We have our date and venue booked. Our save the date is 27th of October. Check out our venue http://www.wellsstreet.co.uk. This launch day will be an official introduction to the Hello Bezlo world. So many exciting plans lined up for this day!


With 4 weeks to go before the campaign goes live, we want to continue brainstorming with our followers. We want your feedback on our video, designs and reward schemes. Have your say and join the Bezlo movement!

Love Team Bezlo x

Hello August

Hello August (maybe too many titles starting with hello?). But we love saying hello and introducing our new brand!

So, what is in store for Hello Bezlo this August? With the October launch date getting closer, we have a lot of work to do!

Skip, Hop, Jumpsuit!

I have been working closely with the great production team at Fashion Hot House. I’m very excited to be collecting our jumpsuit this week! Timing is perfect as we have a photo shoot lined up with Mutiny Kids Magazine. Yes…We will be featured in an incredibly cool online kids fashion magazine. It will be our very first feature! I will be thrilled to see our Hello Bezlo creations come to life and be featured alongside other amazing brands we really admire.


I’m are also working with our illustrator on perfecting our unique pattern and choosing final colour pallets for our first collection. I have put a lot of thought into each design and taken time to determine what our collection will look like and what its mood will be. Going by the awesome feedback I received from parents all over the world, I have deepened our understanding of what is missing in kid’s fashion. Our first collection aspires to be the perfect fit for the Bezlo girl.

London Baby –  East London coffee shops, fabric hunting, exploring markets and taking inspiration from all things London!


I’m off to London next week to attend some more start-up events. I will have more fun fashion meet-ups with our fashion designer, Elisa, which always includes time spent in East London coffee shops, fabric hunting, exploring markets and taking inspiration from all things London! I also have a techie friend called Alex who is going to help us get our website up and running. Although it is two months before we will be ready to launch, I would love a “coming soon” site including a sign up page offering early access, discount codes, fun offers and competitions!

Looks like another busy but fun filled month ahead for Team Bezlo.

Thank you for following our journey,


Clodagh x

Hello Illustrator!

When I started on the Hello Bezlo journey I had no contacts in the fashion industry whatsoever. Some people have said I was “too ambitious too crazy” with our idea. I take this as a compliment, yes I’m crazy ambitious about this project, but I have a clear vision of what Hello Bezlo is and what it’s going to take to bring it to reality.

We are creating an original kidswear brand, therefore we need original prints and patterns for our material – patterns we just don’t see on any highstreet clothes.  While I love to doodle, I have called on the expertise of an illustrator. How does one find an amazing illustrator?? Two letters: I & G!

Instagram has proved to be an extremely useful social media platform for the development of Hello Bezlo.  I have used IG to generate awareness and reach our  audience and all the Bezlo girls around the world. I have made awesome connections.

So, I thought why not create a search for an illustrator through IG?


Search for an artist was made easy when Leanne Thiessen from Paper Canoe Designs reached out all the way from Canada responding to our IG request.  I’m so happy to be collaborating with her, sharing our design ideas and bringing to life unique, spirited and beautifulpatterns for our funky brand.

Leanne shares a passion for gender neutral colours, bold and fresh designs. There is something verycharming and whimsical about her designs which I love. Her passion for art stems from a very young age, a childhood filled with camping, canoeing , loving and respecting the outdoors. The outdoors is where she draws much of her inspiration from. Reading her bio was like reading a description of aBezlo girl.

“Leanne has a love for design and print, her aim is to see the beauty in things – and to amplify it with simplicity.”

Leanne is a true Bezlo girl. I’m are excited to have her on the design team! Here are some of her designs she has done in the past…



Through Skype, emails and of course, IG, we are collaborating together on this exciting design phase. Thank you for reading the blog! I’m totally new on the blogging scene and really appreciate your support.


Clodagh x

P.S. Check out Leanne on: https://instagram.com/papercanoedesign/  &  http://papercanoe.ca/