Hello Bezlo loves all things STEM, and we have lots of news about our involvement with local coding groups and workshops. See more about how we are empowering young girls through design, and read our fun Bezlo stories!

Celebrating five years of CoderDojo!

This week marks the fifth birthday of one of Hello Bezlo’s absolute favourite organisations – CoderDojo! It’s so amazing to see this coding group celebrate such an important milestone, and we cannot wait to see CoderDojo become even bigger and better over the next few years. They promote technology to girls all over the world, so in honour of their special day, let’s have a look at who CoderDojo are and what it is exactly that they do!

How to have fun with STEM!

Hello Bezlo love to think of fun and interesting ideas for girls to discover all the exciting things that science, technology, engineering and maths have to offer. Here are a few of our favourite ways to introduce the curious and clever young girls in your life to the wonderful world of STEM!

What makes a Bezlo Girl?

What does being a Bezlo Girl stand for?

This is a question I get asked a lot and I genuinely love answering it. When explaining what a Bezlo Girl is, it is so gratifying watching each person begin to truly appreciate why it was necessary to invent such a magical word!

Yes I invented a new word! I’m not shying away from that one. I made up a word because I had to. I was so tired of describing my niece’s style as “inbetween”. My niece, Fiona, like many girls has a wide variety of interests. She leads a very active lifestyle, always outdoors exploring with her friends. She LOVES anything that sparkles and she believes in magic. She is fascinated with games and learning. But like so many other girls my niece is pot out of luck! Why? She simple does not fit into one of two categories. “Tomboy” or “Princess”. She is “inbetween”.


Bezlo Girls: My niece and I

Her clothing options are restricted to pink fussy girlie outfits or the polar opposite- dressing like a boy.  I was shocked when I started shopping for her, it suddenly reminded me of how I felt at her age. I too was that girl. Always off on outdoor adventures yet my favorite colour was purple. I remember the stylish clothes I wanted to wear that were just not conducive to my outdoor lifestyle. So I was often dressed in tracksuits. I’m baffled that 20 years on this is still a problem! Seriously?

My niece, like many girls, is far from “inbetween”.


Shopping for children’s clothes should always be exciting and fun. The experience should be magical.Clothes should empower girls and inspire people around them. Why is it so difficult to find innovative clothing (especially on the high street)? Who is representing these girls? Why can’t the stylish, free-spirited and adventurous girl find clothes that ignites their imagination? How is there still so much pink?

All of these questions lead me to carry out some investigating. I researched countless high street and online stores. After hours of searching different online platforms I found some great small independent designers.

I began to feel super passionate about this issue! I love fashion, styling, brainstorming ideas and being creative. So here I am, with my cool new word…Bezlo. Designing for the Bezlo Girl:)


What keeps catching me by surprise is how excited other people are by this big ‘Bezlo’ idea! Bezlo has caught on. Together with a new formed team of creative go getters we are here to make this brand happen. Since starting this journey Hello Bezlo has evolved so much and I can’t wait to show you what we are working on. Think fashion, imagination and learning!

Hello world…this is Bezlo!


Clodagh x

The Hello Bezlo Creator!


Egg-cited for Easter…

Hello Bezlo Girls,

The Hello Bezlo team hope that you are having an ‘egg-celent’ break! Bezlo Girls love adventure, craft and investigating!! And with this Easter Break it IS a perfect opportunity to spend time learning and being creative. We have selected five fantastic arts and crafts activities to choose from.

Fun hand and foot print ideas


As always we encourage all things STEM!  We know our Bezlo Girls love experiments especially while rocking your favorite tutu and cape. Here are some cool  egg-inspired experiments that ignites the learning of Bezlo Girls! Here are our top 2 Easter STEM activities that will be sure to entertain Bezlo Girls,

1. Plastic egg races exploring angles and ramps


Create a simple science experiment exploring gravity and angles with Easter egg races. Get ready for racing plastic Easter eggs on ramps!

  • What to race them on? A plastic rain gutter.
  • Egg races make an excellent experiment to make predictions!
  • Discuss the angles of the ramp and how they influenced the speed of the egg. Higher ramp/angle the faster the egg goes, the lower the ramp angle, the slower the egg goes.
  • Discuss the concept called gravity and how it helps to pull the eggs down but as the angle of the ramp decreased it slowed gravity down!
  • The large egg will be generally faster than the small egg except when the ramp is lower!
  • Discuss the word motion. When something is in motion it changes position or location like our eggs did!

2. Walking on eggshells!


  • Start by having the ever curious kiddos make a predict what will happen when they walk across the raw eggs.
  • Make sure to remove your socks and shoes.  This is one experiment that will only work if you are barefoot.
  • Lay out the plastic to protect the floor.  Have the kids help arrange the egg cartons in a staggered pattern just like stepping stones.  It’s important to make sure all of the eggs are oriented the same way in the cartons too
  • The first carton of eggs is the hardest to step onto, you may want a friend to assist you.  Try to disperse your weight onto as many eggs as possible and move slowly from carton to carton.Listen to all the amazed ooooo’s, ahhhh’s, giggles and cheers!!!!
  • Bezlo Explanation!
  • This explains how a hen can sit on an egg and not break it, but a tiny little chick can break through the eggshell. The weight of the hen is evenly distributed over the egg, while the pecking of the chick is an uneven force directed at just one spot on the egg. The curved form of the shell also distributes pressure evenly all over the shell rather than concentrating it at any one point.

Bezlo girls love to discover, devise and design. Why not get busy and create your own fun decorations? Here are 3 ways to add some extra Easter magic in your home.

1. Baby Chicks

Blue Blouse

  • Materials Needed:
    • 5 mini popsicle sticks
    • Orange and yellow paper
    • Cardboard piece
    • Scissors/Glue
    • Googly eyes
    • Yellow paint
  • 1.Start by gluing 5 mini popsicle sticks onto a piece of cardboard(cereal box).
  • 2.After it dries you can paint it yellow.
  • 3.Cut out some feet, beaks, and wings with the paper
  • 4.When the yellow paint is dry, glue on all the pieces- Easy peasy!

2. Emoji Egg Decorating


  • Materials needed:
    • Hardboiled eggs
    • Paint and paintbrush
  • 1. Boil the eggs until they are hard and then let them cool down for an hour (cold water will speed this up)
  • 2.Paint all your eggs yellow. Allow to dry.
  • 3.Then choose your favourite emojis and paint them on! Coolest Easter craft ever and so easy! This is sure to put a big smile on everyones face.

3. Crazy Chick


  • Materials Needed:
    • yellow washable paint
    • scissors
    • a fork,
    • 2 googly eyes
    • orange construction paper
    • glue.
  • 1.Start by having your Bezlo Girl dip the back of a fork into yellow paint (it worked best to have it spread out on a paper plate).
  • 2. Then tell them to make a circle shape, pulling outwards with the fork.
  • 3.Grab some orange paper and cut out a beak as well as two legs!
  • 4.It’s easier to fold a piece of paper in half and then cut so both are the same size.

We are so inspired from Pinterest, be sure to check out our Easter board full of more Easter fun ideas! We hope all our readers are having such a fantastic break. Happy Easter

Love Team Bezlo x

Be a Bezlo Mom

A full day to celebrate YOU is upon us this weekend! Prepare to sparkle.

Here are our pick of style inspirations and lifestyle ideas to celebrate with your special loved ones.


Mothers day is also reason to celebrate your unique spirit and take on motherhood. They are no rules to follow and you’ll often find a lot of trials and testing until you feel like you’re doing something right (a little motherhood winging it more like).With all of the big changes motherhood brings, it’s important to take time to focus on YOU too.  In the busy chaotic world that is motherhood, us women need to recharge and spoil ourselves!


Our Bezlo celebrity Mom crush is Jessica Alba. Momspiration right there…Mom of two girls and founder of The Honest Company. Her style is always inspiring us. A perfect mix of boho and chic. Follow our fav#GirlBoss here on Instagram.


Check out our Pinterest board for what makes a Bezlo Mom go oooh and ahhh! Stylish Mumma we got you covered with heaps of ideas just for you!

One of our fav Mom crushes on Insta @momcrushmonday

Happy Mothers Day!

Love Team Bezlo x

Celebrate: Love is in the air!

Hello Bezlo Girls!

What a fun filled week it’s turned out to be! The Super Bowl 50 kicked off the week with a great game and a powerful performance from Beyonce. We know a Bezlo Girl when we see one. Queen Bee carries a lot of Bezlo Girl traits! She’s fearless, independent, unique, brave, fun and strong!

The half time performance was full of sparkle and magic with an incredible ending –“Believe in Love” – Sending a strong positive message that love comes in all forms.


Here is a link to the performance in case you missed it.

Hot on its tracks was the Chinese New Year celebrations. Our Instagram feed was full of beautiful and oh-so-creative CNY themed photos from our followers. We have heaps of followers from Asia and it was so great to learn more about their culture and how they celebrate. They really know how to party in style…


Which brings us to Tuesday (yes not even midweek yet!) …. Pancake Tuesday! We love celebrating international food days and we were super excited to break out and have pancakes for breakfast AND dinner! Why not! Take a look at our yummy creations.


Maple syrup, Minstrels and Walnut Pancake


Blueberry and White Chocolate Pancake

Bellies still full we learnt Wednesday was international #pizzaday! One thing is for sure with Instagram and Twitter you are always kept in the loop!

And now it’s countdown to Valentine’s day! After our big treats earlier in the week we are on the look out for healthy alternatives and have spotted a few options on Pinterest. Valentine’s day is not all about chocolates. It is a brilliant opportunity for Bezlo Girls to be creative and busy with arts and craft. We always look to Hello Wonderful for the latest craft ideas and inspiration.

We recently discovered Left Brain Craft Brains Blogfun STEM projects for kids ran by an engineer Mother. Lots of awesome ideas!


We have put together some of our favourite Valentine’s ideas on our Pinterest board.

We look forward to seeing the Valentine’s day creations, and of course, outfit styling.

This week is super fun! Love is in the air! Hope you all are enjoying the celebrations. Life is what you make it. As Oprah says “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”


Team Bezlo x

Hello February

We are very excited for what’s to come this month! Throughout January we have been busy bees sorting, organizing and leading our team to achieve brilliant things! There has been lot of late nights, meeting deadlines and behind the scenes work! We’ve been a little less active with our blog than usual…and we have a serious case of blogger guilt! So we are jumping back in to fill you in on all things Bezlo.


First off January has really been the month of applications! To bring Hello Bezlo to the next level we have had a lot of meetings to get the right advice and expertise to bring our vision to life. There are amazing accelerator programmes for startup companies out there. We are discovering this new world and want to grab each opportunity that comes our way.  We are super passionate, zealous and often told relentless…we are Bezlo Girls. So we set aside the last few weeks to concentrate on our business model, we had lots of meetings with our mentors and advisors and developed our team even further.


We also have designed and prototyped a new Bezlo dress, which we are very excited about…think Boho, think dreamy, think Bezlo! (more about that later).


We have updated our website and have big plans for this blog! We are also working on our app, Hello Coder. We have been attending Coder Dojo workshops and testing our latest versions with lots of Bezlo Girls! With such a positive and encouraging reaction each time! We are on track to releasing a Beta version later this month! We have lots of great ideas with our fantastic team.

January was a very productive and positive month for us. We kept those January Blues at bay and we are looking forward to what February has in store for us. Already lined up we have more competitions, pitches, designing and introducing our pre-orders!

Love Team Bezlo x

Happy New Year!

We are back after our Christmas break!

It’s been a crazy busy few weeks. A break to recharge was really needed Christmas is such a magically time of the year, it is so important to fully enjoy moments and that’s exactly what we did.

We hope all of our Bezlo friends had a very merry and bright Christmas.

With 2015 drawing to a close, we reflect on our year! We have had some amazing achievements since starting our blog in June. As we were new to the blogging world we didn’t quite know what to expect! Would anyone even read our posts? Is our journey creating a fashion brand interesting to others? Still pinching ourselves that so many people from around the world take time to check in every week to read our updates! So far we have had a whopping 4,512 views from 49 countries. It’s enjoyable to write each post. In the New Year expect lots more mini posts…


It has also been great to see our Instagram followers grow and encourage Hello Bezlo. We first launched the idea of Hello Bezlo on Instagram and we have made so many friends who truly support what we are trying to achieve. For us, Instagram has become a supportive community of women who empower each other; a community I never knew could exist on social media. Take a look at our moments with 1,233 followers and rising!

We reached a big goal of ours with the launch of our sample collection on Kickstarter in London and Dublin. With positive feedback from our unique designs and €8,958 backed, Kickstarter has opened lots of doors for us. We are now carefully building our team and planning our next steps-Production!! So many exciting things to come in the New Year, we can’t wait!

On reflection, it has been a wonderful exciting 6 months! With all journeys there has been some speed bumps along the way. Sometimes things don’t always go to plan, but we haven’t let that hold us back. We truly believe things happen for a reason! After all we are Bezlo Girls– strong fearless and creative!


We look forward to what 2016 has to bring. And I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all their support, advice and encouragement so far! We will continue to create the most awesome lifestyle brand for young girls worldwide. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest! We have a lot of work to do but when you do what you love that’s what really counts! Looking back, I am so happy with deciding to just go for it!

Hello 2016- Lets do it!

Love Clodagh x

Dublin, Fashion and Coding – Bezlo Style

We have had the most exciting and crazy busy month ever! We held another successful launch party in collaboration with Coder Dojo. Even though our first big our launch was in London, while on Kickstarter we want to showcase our bespoke collection and spread the Bezlo message far and wide.


Our Bezlo Girls: EllaMay, Penny, Emmie and Lyra x

We had a blast at Zalando HQ  and more importantly so did our Bezlo Girls. What makes our events so unique is that we are not just inviting you to view our clothing range. No, we are thinking much more than that. We invite you to be part of a new movement… the Bezlo movement. Here you can take part in designing your very own Bezlo creation and let us introduce you to the fun world of coding!

Our aim is to empower girls and inspire others around them. Our design prints reflect this. Our prints include rockets, astronauts, space, binary code, dream catchers and stars.


Our Launch venue… cool converted warehouse

Our Bezlo girls arrived and got straight into the design process, having fun with creating their own designs that they would like to see us create. So much imagination and individual style!

Coder Dojo workshop was taking place also, where kids were developing computer skills in a cool and fun environment. We want to introduce Bezlo Girls to this inspiring non-profit organisation. They are always looking for more girls to join them.


Coder Ciara giving making a list of creative design ideas

I recently won a Startup competition where I pitched an idea that brings fashion and technology together for kids, with the aim to encourage more girls to learn how to code.

This launch was the perfect opportunity to show what my developer and I have been busy creating. DCU coder girls Ciara and Niamh were the first to try it out and give us feedback.


Coder Dojo mentor and EU Digital Girl of the Year Niamh the first to test our app demo Hello

And thats a wrap! Thank you to everyone who came and took part in our day! We loved every minute of it and we are already planning another Hello Bezlo Event very soon.

Big thank you to our sponsors KC Peaches for providing yummy pastries.



What is Bezlo?!

The origins of the name “Hello Bezlo”

There was no word to describe the girl we are designing for.  

She’s not a tomboy. “Tomboy”  is an outdated term which still remains deep rooted in the ridiculous rules of pink and frilly for girls and blue and practical for boys.  

There are so many aspects to this girl. She is free spirited, adventurous, daring, courageous, clever,  strong, ambitious, fun loving and has an amazing sense of style. She climbs trees and builds forts, but she also wears a dress and looks beautiful. She believes in sparkle and magic.

She’s more than a fashionista. She knows style when she sees it and knows how to wear it. She is a free thinker and she bends the fashion rules. She likes space rockets, trains, dinosaurs, insects, etc., not because they are for boys, but because they are cool.

There is no name to describe this girl so I had to invent one -Bezlo. She is a Bezlo girl. It’s a make-y-up-y name and I’m not hiding that it is. Sometimes fun makey-upy words are needed.The world needed a word to describe this girl and Bezlo has caught on.

Hello world! This is Bezlo!

Hello Bezlo is our brand.