The eight year old tech enthusiast from Dublin who has designed her very own blog and website! Lexi discovered her love for coding at an early age, thanks to her local CoderDojo (a coding youth club).

Coder Girl Hack Day Picture Conor McCabe Photography

Coder Girl Hack Day Picture Conor McCabe Photography

Lexi picked up 1st prize in design in her age category at the Coolest Projects Awards 2015. This year she debuted her blog and showcased a signature skirt from her LED clothing range at the awards.

Her mom Rachel, is super supportive, and became so interested in Lexi’s coding activities that Rachel is now an Administrator for Coderdojo

Lexi has merged her love of computer science and LED lights with her passion for art and design and is currently working on her first couture LED evening dress! Even though she is computer and coding crazy, Lexi still loves to “unplug” by playing with her sister and friends outside.

We caught up with Lexi to chat about what it’s like to be a young girl discovering the world of coding alongside her Mom!


Lexi at CoderDojo’s Coolest Projects. Image source: Irish Tech News.

How did you get involved with CoderDojo?

Two years ago my mom realised that I was really interested in computers, so she looked up CoderDojo. I had to wait a long time to start at my local Dojo as the waiting list was so long, but I was really happy to join it eventually!

What has been the coolest thing you’ve learned how to do with code?

I recently built my own web page using HTML and CSS with the new CoderDojo nano book as a guide. I started off in CoderDojo playing and using Scratch (that’s a basic computer language for kids) but I always wanted to learn HTML and CSS and now I am!

Wow! What do your friends make of your website! Have you explained what you do?

I have, but apparently none of my friends are interested in coding LOL they are all into different things which is cool, when we meet up, we talk about what’s going on in our lives, we are all doing different stuff.

Do you think coding should become a subject you learn in school, like Mathematics or Irish?

I would LOVE if coding was replacing Irish and Mathematics because I really not a fan of them, but if we can’t get rid of them, code should be taught as a subject too.

Who is the most inspirational person you’ve met through Coderdojo?

I really look up to Niamh Scanlon she has invented amazing apps like reCharge my eCar, and Auto Journalist. I really like that she has ideas and works on them to make them a reality. I also admire the fact that Niamh is a girl and is representing what girls can achieve at CoderDojo. She gets to fly to lots of cool places with her mum and gets to do cool things as a result of learning code.

Do you think you will keep learning how to code as you get older?

Of course, because coding is fun and I want to inspire other girls, like me to try it and hopefully they will get into it. Because when you know how to code properly, you can control technology, instead of being controlled by technology. You could even change people’s lives in the future if you had a really good idea and knew how to make your idea a reality. You could change the world!

In your opinion what is the most interesting coding language for kids to learn?

I prefer HTML and CSS to Scratch, I didn’t like the graphics in Scratch they were a bit restrictive. I find knowing HTML & CSS helps me update my WordPress website better and I can make web pages quicker from nothing.

Do you think that learning how to code has helped you with other subjects in school?

I’ve learned a LOT of hard words in English, that I wouldn’t be learning in school just yet. Some of the language around code is difficult, I keep forgetting what a lot of the big words mean LOL. I was terrible at maths before, but I’m getting better. I don’t know if that’s because of code or because my mum nags me to do my homework properly. I don’t know if code has helped me in school so far.

What would you say to other girls who have not considered coding before?

I would say that you really have to be interested in computers and how they work to want to join a Dojo because a lot of what I learn is how to solve technical problems (mostly problems I make myself) and some of those problems can take ages to solve. If you are interested I would say sign up and go to a Dojo for a few weeks and see if you like it or not. It’s the same as any other activity, you will know in a few weeks if you like it or not. But you will never know if you don’t try.


Pictured at the launch of CoderDojo’s Coolest Project Awards 2016. Image source: The Irish Times.

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