A day in the life of Marie Curie….Bezlo Role Model.

Ever wondered what some of the most inspiring women in history would be like if they were growing up today? Hello Bezlo are letting our imagination soar and picturing a day in the life of a 2017 historical Bezlo girl!


Marie Curie – Pioneering scientist and first ever female Nobel Prize winner!


Marie Curie, born in 1867, was an innovating scientist whose research on radioactivity led to the modern day X-ray! Marie became the first ever woman to win a Nobel Prize in 1903 for physics, and won again in 1911 for chemistry. To learn more about Marie, click here.

Bezlo Girl Marie

Marie has been waiting all week for it to be Sunday, or as it’s known in her house, “Science Sunday”. Ever since she was a little girl she has been fascinated with how the world works and what happens when you mix certain liquids and materials together. She wakes up super early and checks to see if the homemade beeswax lip balm she made yesterday has set yet – just one of her many ongoing science projects.

Marie is excited to see what activities her parents have planned for her today. Every Sunday they spend the morning exploring the world of science with fun activities. Her best friend Irene is coming over to play too, and she promised to bring the x-ray images of her broken arm from last week for Marie to see! Today Marie and her Mom are using some of the equipment from Marie’s Elements of Science Kit that she got for her birthday. They also have fun looking at new samples under the family microscope, Marie loves how different human and cat hairs look when you zoom in on them. When Irene arrives, her mom suggests that they try to name all the bones they can see in Irene’s x-ray. Marie can’t believe how cool it is that there’s machines that let you see inside the human body.

Marie and Irene spend the rest of the afternoon getting messy with Dancing Oobleck and can’t believe how much the substance moves depending on what music you play! Marie makes a mental note to work on that as an experiment for next month’s science class project.

Marie is only 10, but already she knows that she will never get bored of discovering new reactions and facts about science and the world around her. She especially loves chemistry, and is learning all about acids and bases in school. Every summer she goes to a science camp that is just for girls, and her confidence has really soared ever since she made so many friends who love science just like her.

Marie reads her favourite book of the moment, “Women in Science: 50 fearless pioneers who changed the world”, before she goes to bed. She loves learning all about amazing women inventors, and dreams that one day she too will make a new scientific discovery!  

Would like to try the same activities as Marie? Click on the following links to learn how!

Elements of Science Kit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000JZ8A1M/?tag=amigi-20

Dancing Oobleck — https://hellobezlo.com/sunday-science-activities/ 

Women In Science – http://www.rachelignotofskydesign.com/women-in-science/

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