Here at Hello Bezlo, we love fashion and technology. So why not merge the two together!

We are on a mission to introduce girls to the magical world of STEM, and we aim to be a fun and educational lifestyle brand that empowers young girls. We feature real life Role Models that girls can be inspired by and learn more about positive female influences! On our blog we have exciting science experiments, engineering activities and and lots of links to educational (and fun!) online games. We also have introductions to coding, and help explain the latest tech terms so that Bezlo Moms and Dads aren’t left in the dark!

Hello Bezlo love to be hands on, and we are involved with worldwide youth coding group, CoderDojo, where our founder Clodagh is a mentor and helps to organise fashion-tech workshops and other cool events! We are also involved in regular Hackathons, such as Girls Hack Day, and we would love to encourage more girls to explore the world of code.

Keep an eye out for our latest projects, and see our blog for more inspiring STEM ideas!



Another Hackathon win! But this time it was for NASA! NASA Space Apps Challenge – One of the world’s largest international annual hackathons! I think its safe to say we are fascinated with all things space related! There is something magical about space and the learning behind it. This year NASA held their annual global hackathon event across 200 cities. It was Dublin’s first time to join in and take part…an opportunity we could not pass on. Present a solution to NASA in just 48 hours ! Challenge accepted:)

Taking part wasn’t directly related to Hello Bezlo. We do have one very awesome rocket girl dress but this was about learning more about NASA and figuring out a solution to make life a bit easier for our Astronauts! We pitched our idea and won the Ireland hackathon! Onto the next phase of the competition which we are over the MOON about.


We have partnered up with the awesome CoderDojo organisation who have helped us facilitate fashion technology events for girls and their parents. To date, we have held events in London and Dublin with an aim of introducing girls to the exciting world of technology. Technology and fashion are both very creative worlds and we demonstrate this at our events.

We were super excited to be a keynote speaker at CoderDojo’s Coolest Projects in July 2016 Dublin. With 15,000 attendees from all over the world this was a perfect opportunity for Clodagh to shine light on our mission.