Give the gift of learning this Christmas!

This week we have put together another Wise Christmas Gift Guide of our top five learning toys we love this year. While play allows kids get to explore their creative imaginations it is also a great way in which they can learn too. Playing has huge beneficial life skills like problem solving, logic and critical thinking. This list of games and toys have been carefully selected by team Bezlo. Why not choose a gift where girls can be inspired, empowered and educated! These games are super fun to play with, you may even want to join in on the fun! Which is why we are so excited to get to share these with you.


Osmo is one of our top 5 gifts. Photo source: Forbes



1.Youth Digital: Elearning made fun, supportive and oh so cool! From learning Game design to Fashion design…there is a course for all passionate in technology. With a selection of engaging videos, quizzes and assignments offering online support. This great interactive way of learning program can result in a creation of a Bezlo Girls fashion brand or a 3D printing project they can be proud of. Students get to learn to code while creating something they love. Making it as one of our top presents this year.

Ages 4-8 Starting price of $249.99


2. Little Bits: If you know a little inventor why not equip them with the right tools to unleash their creative side. Little Bits is here to empower the next generation by creating toys that will give them the creative confidence to always ask why, and to test out their ideas without fear. Little Bits are easy to use building blocks which consist of modular circuits that can connect together with magnets that allow kids to create battery powered motors. Empowering anyone to create any size of inventions. It is the perfect gift for the curious, inventive Bezlo girl this year.

     For ages 8+ Starter kits at €95.00


Learn how to create an instrument with Little Bits. Like this Keytar!! Photo source : Wired.


3. Gears: Is the perfect introduction into building toys. Open a world of constructions and movement to your girls this year with this 95 piece colourful set. Which even includes inter-locking plates for limitless building. It’s bright colours and easy to assemble pieces  encourage children to create moving inventions. There is no wrong way to build with its open ended components meaning your Bezlo girl can create without fear of failure. It’s a game that will have her discover something new every time she plays.

          Starting price at €24.00 and plenty of packs to choose from.


4. Make Wonder Robots: Dash and Dot are real robots that will teach your kids how to code while playing. By using their free app kids get to make dash or dot sing, dance and navigate them on adventurers around the house. With inbuilt sensors means that they can actually react to their environment and any movements. To keep your kids interests Dash and dots has hundreds of puzzles, challenges and projects as well as free adventurous play making it a year long gift.

Ages 8+ $149.99


5. Osmo: These days kids and iPads are inseparable. Say goodbye to passively consuming technology and Hello Osmo. Osmos is a revolutionary and award winning game system that can change the way your child interacts with the iPad by making it hands on play. With the Osmo base you can play with your hands while the IPad reflects your hand movements onscreen. With a wide selection of games that help with problem solving, creative confidence among others it is no wonder so many schools have adopted Osmo into their curriculum. It’s a worthwhile investment that everyone of all ages will enjoy and learn from.

Ages 4+ Starter kit €89.00

We hope everyone is getting into festive spirits and are enjoying our Hello Bezlo gift guides. Time to get creative and give a gift full of learning and fun.

Love team Bezlo x


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