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Here at Hello Bezlo there are two things we love; Fashion and Technology. We discovered when you combine the two extraordinary things can happen. To show Bezlo Girls just how fascinating this new innovative sector is, we hosted a Fashion Tech event called “Code Couture” to share our passion and show the endless possibilities there are with Fashion Tech. It was such a success we plan to host more events this year.

When we use the #FashionTech we ain’t talking about a smart watch! Fashion Tech is so much more than that. Think … LED lights, built in sensors, conductive thread, 3D printing, laser cutting and so much more! The event was in collaboration again with the wonderful CoderDojo and Zalando team! Both Coderdojo and Zalando share our mission to encourage more young girls into the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). What better way to start creating with technology then joining your local Dojo. We believe learning to code from a young age is key.

Many of you have been asking us how it went and what was involved. How did we make a fashion event technical? Here, we have the full Bezlo recap with our top four areas explored!

  1. How clothes are designed and made
  2. LED lights
  3. Coding and Soldering  
  4. Role Models

The event kicked off with opening talks from Sandra MaGuire who runs the CoderDojo at the IADT , Susan Reardon who is the programme coordinator at IADT and Clodagh Connell founder of Hello Bezlo. Both Clodagh and Sandra are big advocators to encourage more girls to learn how to code. We created an open and relaxed environment for everyone to learn and have fun.

The Bezlo Mission: To inspire, educate and empower young girls to dream BIG. Engaging in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths through fashion. This event was specifically designed by us to show that an fashion can be combined with technology using code to make LED lights perform magic on your clothes

When you merge fashion and technology you can create something so magnificent we felt we just had to show you! 

Dream. Code. Create … Bezlo Style. 

Fashion Workshop led by Bezlo’s in house designer Deirbhile Coyle

“I put together relevant imagery that could inform and inspire the Hello Bezlo attendants at the workshop on how to make clothing and whats needed. It was an interactive session which challenged everyone there on what they might already know about garment construction. I started the workshop off with an introduction to myself and my work as a young Irish graduate designer, explaining what it was that encouraged me to study fashion design. As my interest started from a young age, which reached some children in the audience who too have explored DIY clothing already at their age. For me it was important that the children gained an insight into what patterns are and how they are used to create clothes, it was new knowledge to them that the patterns used were paper patterns and not the printed patterns on their clothing that they were all already aware of. Throughout this section of the talk I explained the importance of technology in the future of garment construction and design which lead me to the next area of the workshop where I demonstrated digital drawing. This gave the attendees a chance to try it out for themselves which I feel highlighted all the possibilities in particular for technology and design out there. It was great to see all the kids get involved and show an interest in how to make their own clothing and learn how to digital draw. Their interest and enthusiasm made it an even more interesting and fun workshop to be apart of.”

Role Models 

We were so lucky to be yet again supported by Zalando who really connected with the audience. Both data scientist, Martina Naughton and Antoaneta Marinova spoke how nurturing their interest in computers from an early age led them to pursue a third level education in computer science which gave them endless career opportunities. In an industry that is mainly male dominated Martina and Antoaneta showed true Bezlo Girl spirit by following their dreams not allowing stereotypes to get in their way! Learning about Zalando’s  growth as a leading e-commerce market place was fascinating for everyone.

Fashion Technology workshop run by designer Danielle Jordan and computer scientist Eric Cassells

Fashion Designer Danielle has created a incredible 6 piece Collection that incorporates technology.  To bring her LED creation to life she collaborated with a computer programmer Eric Cassells.

“My collection was inspired by the True story of the first ‘Bionic Women‘ Claudia Mitchell US Marine who lost her arm. Using new innovative technology surgeons transplanted nerves from her arm into her chest. When the prosthetic arm is attached it is controlled by her brain. My first three looks are based on her prosthetic arm and the technology that controls it. The outfits signifies the physical and emotional trauma caused by losing a limb. I created this inner emotion through my garments. The fabrics symbolise the biology and the texture/wires and LED lights symbolise the technology. Eric and I wanted to explore the technology further and decided to use a device named Arduino to control the addressable LED Lights. I told Eric I wanted to create Nerves, a Heartbeat and Electricity through the lights. Eric created his own code to capture my vision.’ To read more about the innovative design and technology process check out their blog here.

We wrapped up the event with a fun Bezlo brainstorm, we love the fun design process and to hear from Bezlo Girls themselves! We had delicious goodies from our awesome sponsor Krust Bakery who are very supportive of CoderDojo and young entrepreneurship.

Thank you all for attending and supporting our event. We have already begun to plan our next event, if you would like to learn more about Code Couture make sure to sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with the latest Bezlo news.

Love Team Bezlo x



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